Flirty texting from the boyfriend to another girl :(

What should I do?

For those ladies who go through there mans phone, I understand its a trust issue thing, just stating that first, but going to get to the point,

What should a girl do if they found out their boyfriend messaged a girl saying stuff like "the only thing that would make the night better was you" to another girl when you and your boyfriend was out at a club together?

Note: this is me in this situation and I was also wondering if it has anything to do with the girl he messaged, her brother was Hitting on me so I was wonderingif he was doing the 'you flirt with my girl, I flirt with your sister' ? Where I live and with his situation, he's well known and a big shot so we have to keep our relationship hidden from a type of people, I've met his close friends and all. But to those people, it has to be hidden because he's worried his ex will attack me. His ex doesn't know about me yet. That night his frenemies, lets just say, were trying to get drama going and tried to reveal me to his ex by "accident" his frenemies also tried to pick me up. So did he message

his frenemies sister, because she was out too, to throw her off that he's still single? Or am I just being hopeful?

How should a girl react to that? Because he didn't act upon it, its just something he said.

Guys: should girls worry about their boyfriends doing this?

Guys & Girls: how should I react to this situation, be normal? Confront him? Be more confident?


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  • Saying stuff is sometimes worse than actions. It's called emotional cheating.

    If you have to hide your relationship for any reason you shouldn't be in that relationship. He sounds like a player that has convinced you he's protecting you by hiding you. Yea yea you said you met his friends but they probably know what's really going on. Your good for a fuck now you need to stand up for yourself and find a man that will respect you.

    • It was a good thing he tried to hide me away in the beginning because of his ex. His ex is truly a crazy one.. one I have not seen before, even tried to attack me. We live in a small town so word eventually got back to her.

      On the other note, when I first confronted him about texting that girl, he said I mustve read it in the wrong context. Later on, he admitted that the message was suggestive but he did it out of jealousy because those guys were hitting on me right in front of him.

    • If that's what you need tell yourself. Lying for any reason in a relationship is a bad relationship. Being petty and trying to make each other jealous is just dumb. And I wouldn't beleive him but thats me. He sent that messege to get attention from another woman that wasn't you. He's not ready for a relationship.

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