I called my boyfriend with my ex boyfriend's name?

I was in an online relationship with my ex and never met him at all but when we were supposed to meet I found out he was only looking to fuck around and so I broke up with him. this happened a year ago and since then I never contacted him or talked to him after a year I found my boyfriend and we have been started going out recently it was our third date and we started to get a little close in the car while driving home and he started touching me on my thighs and stuff and I was feeling ticklish and I said my ex's name instead of his! he was so pissed after that we had awkward silence for a while and he didn't show he was mad but stayed quiet and didn't talk much...as if it turned him off. I cannot believe I said my ex's name and did not even hear it. he doesn't even know about this guy because me and my ex we never met in person. what is wrong with me? does this happen to anyone? my boyfriend hasn't texted me at all since then its been 4 days:( this is my first relationship and I am ruining it! why is this happening?
my online relationship was for 2 months over the internet

would he think I am a whore and not believe me?


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  • its just a lapsus linguae this often happens with lots of people... its an involuntary mistake... either you where thinking of your ex at this particular moment or this came out just like this because your man reminds you of your ex because the action of the moment (you where touching each other) even if he is not a pervert... try to talk to him and try to convince him that you no more think about your ex and that he forms part of your past. hope this helps


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