So my ex blocks me on fb 2 days after the break up and 3 days later unblocks me after her telling me to leave

So my ex blocks me on fb 2 days after the break up and 3 days later unblocks me after her telling me to leave her and her new guy she went to live with that she works with after the break up. This girl moved 1000 miles from home for me after we meet and she is staying in this city to work at pizza hut? this girl was always super clingy and 200รท into the relationship till I was stressed about money. I have started NC 3 days ago and been doing better but I miss her. I gave her a ring thay I bought her before the breakup on Valentine's also. She said it was harassment and leave her alone but she is unblocking me so quick? Should I block her, act like I don't even notice, or what? I am just confused and I can't belive she is happy.
Why is she so soon to unblock? When she unblocked it brought back a lot of tagged post she has made in the past. Trust me I miss her but NC has already made me realize a couple things and I think I need more time.
I haven't contacted her in 6 days and she decided 2 days ago to file a order of protection. Strange to do this after 4 days on NC. Oh well that is helping me get over this nightmare.


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  • So she was very much into this relationship up until she found out you were having money troubles?

    Haha, what a selfish cunt.

    Sounds like she found a "better" guy to milk money off of. Don't block her unless she warrants it. Be the bigger man and ignore ALL contact. Don't reply to her messages/texts/calls, don't attempt to contact her either.

    If she keeps on doing the block-unblock dance, she's probably doing that to check up on you to see, if you've moved on or not. You're better off staying as far away from this hormonal twat as possible.

    • That's when we fought cause as a man I couldn't provide for a while. I have a hard time with my feelings when I am stressed I admit. Day 6 NC and I'm hanging in.

    • You are NOT obligated to "provide as a man", love. Any woman, who expects you to pay for everything is not worth your time. If she thinks it's your "job" to pay for her shit as well as yours just because you have a penis, then she better have been sucking on it 24/7.

      Relationships are partnerships. Both parties should be contributing equally. If she wants to hold onto outdated notions about men, she better comply to outdated expectations of women.

      You're far better off.

  • Don't do anything. Just be still and continue no contact.

    • No one here can tell you why she is doing what she is doing. Gain some patience and wait to see what happens.

    • Ok I will do that. She knows I love her so their isn't a need to message her for a while. Problem is tho is I was starting to get better and this kinda relapsed me. Now I find myself checking her fb. She made a post on a picture that she left me and feels amazing. Which I can't blame her a lot of this was my fault but not all of it. Only day 4 of NC but this is rough when I want her back.

    • Your relationship and attachment to her sounds unhealthy.Move on.

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