Ex Girlfriend never talks to me but flirts hard when I see her?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me almost 4 years ago after dating for over 3 years (when we went to different colleges.) We didn't talk for a very long time and rarely talk even now, although we consider ourselves friends. I run into her occasionally on breaks. Recently I went to visit her when we were both home and she came on to me very strongly, flirting, touching, holding my hand, kissing, even in public in front of our friends. I was very uncomfortable, resisted at some points, but rolled with most of it without asking her why she was acting this way. Ended up staying the night and the rest of the story is up for interpretation... I made a mistake but I was having fun at the time. I wish we could just be friends, I miss having her there to talk to. I just don't understand why she doesn't like to talk to me when we are apart, but when I see her in person she acts like we're a couple. What is going on?! lol


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  • I guess she either runs on the loose side, or really misses you. Once you've dated someone for a long while you always feel a kind of magnetic pull towards them.


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