Guy´s do you all cheat? and if you say no are you all liars too?

Men cheat for there sexual needs only, most of the time.

Then they lie about it.

Im really confused about it, is it really possible to have that fairytale

Relationship like in the books. Which for me is just a long term relationship that is faithful that lasts for the rest of their lives

If all men cheat have they always or

Is it society today? Or is it just another thing we will never know.

Guys, I have not made up my mind on this. As I said

I am confused about it and was searching for a...maybe a

Different point of view as I have heard many girls say that

Men can't be faithful.


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  • Weak people cheat. Men and women.

    It is possible to get the relationship you seek. I know many men who are faithful and who have been for years.

    Usually they are older men, but all of them are not "old".. just like 30 and up.

    • thanks for BA

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  • Plenty of men are faithful.

    A small handful cheat habitually, but since they run through a lot of women, women meet these men a lot.

    A large group will or won't cheat in a marriage depending on how things are going, etc.

    The habitual cheaters cheat for sex, thrills, variety, self-esteem.

    The 'if things are bad guys' cheat for sex, self-esteem, to feel wanted and masculine and desired.

  • I play the field as sex with same woman over and over again is boring, but never been in formal relationship.

    It is possible to have great relationship if you work hard at it and improving yourself. Judging by you attitude you couldn't have good rship. you sound a nasty piece of work

    • You are judging like I sounded like I was. but you are nasty.

  • To make a REALLY LONG story short, do you believe in God? If you are a Christian like myself and/or have strong morals, then you will have your fairytale future. I'm 31, I've never had even one girlfriend, as a Christian, I can just tell who right and wrong for me almost like a 6th sense. I have to admit, I'm shy, but if I really liked a woman that much you would think I would have asked her out regardless.

    • I'm not Christian, does that mean I can't have my fairytale? Good on you if it makes your life better to be involved in religion, BUT, you don't have to be religious to have decent morals! Morals and religion are two separate things. It's having good morals that keeps people faithful in a relationship, not having religion in your lives.

    • I don't see christianity as a religion, "The Latin word from which the English word "religion" is derived means "to bind up." Jesus did not come to bind us up in rules and regulations or rituals of devotion, but to set us free to be man as God intended." Oh and I said, "...OR have strong morals...". The reason why people break up all the time is because among other things they don't believe in anything, let alone God. God is the one who first said to not to "lie & cheat", not man.

    • All rules and morals on this earth revolve around God because God is the origin of it all.

  • So are you are asking a question that you already think you have figured out? Should I come up with a proper response or will it just be disregarded as male lies.

    • Well in that case no obviously not all men cheat. Blanket statements never work they just don't. With that said some people not just men can't handle temptation and those people should not be in relationships but they enter into them anyways which will end granted not all the time but badly most of the time.

      As I was saying however not all men will cheat, I know I personally will never cheat on my girlfriend. I just don't see the point if I'm ever at the point where the thought crosses my mind I will

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    • Ok thanks after reading these answers. I have come to think that

      It depends on all sorts of things like one maturity and morals.

      Everyone is different., not all men cheat, I did not see the obvious.

    • Right but rather then just sticking with your assumptions you took the time to ask questions and see other viewpoints. And for that you are a better person.

  • Personally, no I don't cheat, ever. Just goes against my morals. I never have and I really don't see it ever happening for me. If I'm with a girl then we should be able to handle both of our needs easily and if not then the relationship is going to be rocky.

    That being said, yeah some guys are assholes and cheat habitually, there are plenty of gems out there though :) There are certainly guys that will be perfectly faithful you just weed out the others.

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  • Men are just as capable of being faithful as women and just as many women cheat as men. Some men even want that same type of devoted relationship just as much as you do. If you're in a relationship where you both genuinely respect each other and love each other deeply, cheating isn't very likely to happen. I trust my boyfriend to be faithful because I know that we have something special and I know he knows it too :)

  • people of both genders cheat and it is because either they aren't sexually or emotionally satisfied or they are bored


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