My girlfrend is cheating on me? help!

So the other day I was with this girl,and she was hot and my problem was she was a corporal(btw I am in cedets)and I was a private so I coudnt get to talk to here much but, we were doing a contest on mapping and I was standing beside her flerting and asked if I could join here team she said "yes" and so my other frined corporal skiner-taylor was with me so he came a long to

after words I told skiner-taylor"i have a crush on olivia (btw tahts her name)and than I said"dont tell anyone" he told her frined private silver and silver told her I wanted to ask her to the dance first thing that went to my mind was "Shit" she said "no sorry but I will give you a dance" :) anyways later on she came over and said"CHUTE!" I amidiatly turned around thinking itt was my DSM and said "mam" she said I thought about your question and my answer is now yes.So I went to my barraks and got changed into my jeans and went to the dance after words we saw a movie and halfway thrue she leanded over and we kissed(for what felt like 20 best minits of my life:))and than she kissed me again and later I went home for the night she knoked on my door and we made out for 2 hours she left back to her barraks and so the next day I walked into the training room to find out she was thier kissing skiner-talor over and over I walked out and she didn't notice anyways what should I do thx for your time.

my apology for spelling I am on a bus and STUPID AUTO CORRECT!

PS she called me the other day and said that she wanted to continue going out with me cause she (likes) me


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  • She wasn't your girlfriend. However, she seems to be a player. I wouldn't mess with her

    anymore. And, your friend, doesn't seem like a real friend either.

    • ya my friend and I got in a fist fight and I ended up breaking his nose and he sent me to the hospitle (long embarrassing genital isue)

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  • She was not your girlfriend but she sounds easy. I would forget this girl.


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  • i don't think she was your girlfriend to begin with. she only agreed to go to a dance with you she didn't agree to any exclusive relationship... at least as far as what you wrote down here...

    so you can be frustrated that she would make out with someone else but she didnt' cheat on you as there were no defined boundaries in your relationship

    • if she wants to continue seeing you that's where you tell her that that's great but you want to be exclusive.

  • That's a shitty situation dude, but she wasn't your girlfriend to start with. You had one date, that doesn't make you monogamous

  • Thank your lucky stars you didn't sleep with this woman, the diseases you may have avoided are well worth the heart ache.

  • Do you like "Stiring the porrage "?


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