If my girlfriend finds out we're done!

I've been dating this girl for about 6 months now. I love her to death. Except one mistake I made. I kinda hooked up with her before completely getting rid of my ex.

Me and this girl were friends for a long time. I never saw myself dating her at the time.

Around the time I was hanging with her me and my ex were on the edge of breaking up. She made clear to me that she is moving out of town, and that she's keeping options open for other guys, and that she's not settling for me.

A few days later. I was hanging with my lady friend who is currently my girlfriend. We were just chilling like regular friends. Then out of no where she kissed me. I knew right away that I needed to dump the other girl, which I did that right away.

The relationship was failing, my ex was treating really bad around time. We both knew it wasn't gonna last.

Now I'm just worried my ex is gonna find out the truth one day and be gone!

What should I do?


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  • You sound conflicted I think you should just be alone and figure out what you want. I don't believe you would have gone to that extent in the first place if you missed your ex originally. Are you afraid of being alone? Take care of yourself.

  • How soon after the kiss with your current girlfriend did you break it off with your ex?

    If it was immediate then I feel like you should be okay. I use the term "okay" loosely here. I feel like if you explain it to your girlfriend in a genuine way she may overlook it. But be ready to answer any and all of her questions.

    It is a complicated situation - I'll give you that one.

    In your second to last sentence you mention your ex...why do you care if your ex leaves or not?


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