Should I give up on him or give him one more try?

I've never taken the whole online dating thing serious, but my friends insisted that I try out Tinder since it's the hottest thing for singles in their 20's. Anyway, I matched up with this one guy and we instantly hit it off very well. About a week after getting to know each other via text, he asked me out on a lunch date and of course I agreed. When we met up, it was almost as if we had known each other for a while. We lost track of time and ended up talking for about 4 hours without even realizing it. He hinted at wanting to hang out again, and I agreed. We texted and kept in touch for a while, then (kind of) made plans to meet up again. I texted him the night before, trying to confirm plans with him, but he didn't respond. I hate being a double texter, so I didn't want to contact him again, but it had already hit 5pm by that point, and I had no clue as to what was going on, so I went against my rules and texted him. Turns out his work had him all day and he completely forgot to get back with me about it. I was a little upset, but I'm not one to completely bitch at someone I'm still getting to know. He apologized and I said that it was fine. We stopped talking for a couple of days, until he texted me with a little small talk to build up a conversation again. It was going well, but it took a weird turn when I asked him how his weekend was and our conversation died for about a week. I know what you're thinking "You should've been done at that point" and yes, I should've, but I had one of those "I have nothing to lose" moments, and again went against my own double text rules once again. So I casually reminded him via text that a show we're both a fan of was coming back on that night. The conversation started up again, we started talking about how our weekend went. I asked if he wanted to join me for a work event that we're having that night. He told me he was busy, and it's understandable because I did ask a bit last minute. We kept conversing, the flirting progressed, and he asked what my schedule was like the next week so we could go out. I let him know my free days, and we agreed to go out on Tuesday (which is today). Last night, I snapchat video'd him and asked if we're still on for tomorrow (which is today), and there was absolutely no response, but I did see that he viewed the video, which started leaving me with the impression that history was about to repeat itself once again. This morning he texted me that he needed to go to the doctors, and that we should reschedule because he didn't want to keep me waiting all afternoon for him to get out. I was going to be in the area all day anyway, so I let him know that I wouldn't mind waiting since I would be in the area regardless if we met up or not, but he insisted on rescheduling, and assured me that it wasn't some lame excuse, but I'm now at the point where I'm wondering if should I even believe it anymore or just give it rest and move on, considering it's been a month since the 1st date.
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  • Okay, just for the future, try to create paragraphs. It was hard to read.

    Anyway, I say move on. He isn't THAT interested. He probably met someone else, or interested in a few people, and his focus is elsewhere.

    I would talk to other guys immediately just to forget about this one.

    If he's not giving you the time of day, he's not worth your time of day.


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  • Move on.

  • I'm an honest romantic when it comes to these things. So I would say you should give him one more shot, but at the same time you need to weigh how much, and if you actually believe that it might work out, and that you want to build a further friendship or relationship with him... Which since you've continuously broken your rule about double texting, it seems to me, you might not be ready to just walk away from opportunities to meet up with him.


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