Guys, would you stay friends with a cheating ex?

I know someone who dated her boyfriend for about 2 years or so and they always argued. They dated in high school and his family doesn't really have a place to stay, I think after their grandmother passed away. His siblings were spread out and I guess complications. So his girlfriend at the time, had him stay with her family when he could have stayed with his own family.

She wanted to be around him always and she seemed to be very controlling and demanding. In a way, they both seem like the flirty player type ironically. Anyways, there were times she wanted to be break it off with him, but said things were complicated. So instead of breaking things off with her "bf" she cheated on him and she made it very obvious. Her lies didn't make sense and his family members would see her out with another guy holding hands and if she saw his family, she would look guilty.

There were times where she would sneak out to be with her 2nd boyfriend and her 1st boyfriend would be suspicious. She would even be meeting her 2nd boyfriend at the mall while she leaves her 1st boyfriend behind on their anniversary. Up to to this day, she never admits she cheated on him, but still is a big part of his life.

Even though they broke up, he still lives in her house and she still acts as if they're still together sometimes. She's trying to pass off as just his "friend' but its bullshit. She just wants to have her cake and eat it too. She makes her 1st boyfriend do things as if they're still together like go shopping together, watch movie together, drop her to the airport where she'll be meeting her fiance (2nd bf) in the states. It's ridiculous.

Her fiance is in the military and so when he leaves, she's with her 1st boyfriend. She still tags him in pictures of her soon to be married life and acts like everything is fine and she's still a big part of his life. She was his only girlfriend to be honest. Idk, would you want to live like that? She even goes ballistic and crazy when she finds out if he's seeing anyone recently. If he dated, kissed, etc. Then acts as if he's cheating on her? Crazy man.

Honestly, why do you think this guy would stay in her house with her family? They gave him a car, he has a nearby job from the house, and I guess he probably still has feelings for his ex. Though honestly is it really that worth it? To go through that? Do you think he's stupid or probably going to use her and her family in a way? Would you stay friends with a cheating ex and act like everything is fine and that you're best of friends/close friends?


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  • He's probably taking advantage of the fact that he's getting shit for free and that he's living there. He probably also gets laid which isn't a bad deal for him... he may as well ride it out.

    You never know, there are some guys willing to bite the bullet for the gain.

    • Hmm it seems like it. He could live with family, idk. I just see it as excuses or him being lazy on finding an actual place for himself. Idk, if pays rent to her family, but he told me that he doesn't have share his car with anyone in her family. I guess they're both taking advantage of each other, not a healthy "relationship" or so called "friendship", if you ask me.

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  • I would never be friends with someone who cheated on me. Friendship is built on trust, and there would be none.

    • Exactly right? that's what I was thinking too! Idk, I just think it's really stupid of him to stay friends with her when she cheated on him and for him still go out of his way to do things for her. What is he to her? Her slave or boy toy? smh. But at the same time, he checks out other girls and even suggests they have sex at "his place" when actually it's his ex gf's family house. I guess they're both inconsiderate to each other.

    • Seems like two confused people. Seems like he's not over her, but also isn't opposed to hurting her. Something I would never want or have to deal with.

  • Fuck no! Her worthless ass would be history.


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