Why would he cheat?

I met this guy last year who I really liked. I didn't know him very long but he really convinced me that he was the one for me. I had just broken up with my ex so I ended things with the new guy, because I don't like rebound relationships.

I just found out, that a few months after I left, he got MARRIED. MARRIED. I kept texting him for a whole year because I thought he was just mad at me for ending it with him. When I called him a few months ago, as to why he didn't reply me back, he said he was "seeing someone" so he couldn't, and that the other person saw my texts. But I just found out that he lied, because he had gotten MARRIED!

I don't understand why someone would lie about that. The worst part is that I know he misses me too, and isn't that the same as cheating with your wife? The very worst part is that I just can't get over him even though I could date someone right now. Why does this happen?
Update: a better question would be--> why would he lie about being married, and let me send him texts. If he was someone honourable he would've told me to stop.


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  • Why does it happen? Maybe because you dumped him, and he wasn't the sort of loser who sits around moping about stuff. He didn't let the grass grow under his feet. He went out, found a new girl, married her.

    So far as I can see, he has exchanged some texts with you.

    If you think that's cheating, then it's a good thing you guys broke up because you're CRAZY.

    Mind you, I could have gathered that from the way you kept texting him for a YEAR despite not hearing from him.

    That's practically a definition of crazy right there.

    Missing someone, texting them.. these are not cheating. Only an idiot would think they were.


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  • How do you know he misses you? Maybe he moved along and found someone that made him happy after you left. He probably figured you wouldn't be crazy enough to keep texting him after he broke contact for a year, and you'd just move along especially because you only for a little while. He gave you a text back saying he was seeing someone to get you to stop trying to contact him, he probably was freaked out that you were still trying to message him and figured you were emotionally volatile. He attempted to let you down easy. Missing someone=/=cheating

  • well you answered your own question in your update.


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  • You're naive. And a little crazy and stalker...ish.

    I say this because,HE didn't convince you of anything! He didn't convince you that he was the one for you,that's just what YOU wanted to believe. AND he said what he needed to to...ahem...get in your pants. That's about it!

    Secondly,maybe him and his lady were on a "break" in their relationship...who knows?

    Thirdly,you thought he was mad at the fact that you stopped seeing him? So that promotes you to message for a year?!?! Restraining order please. You should have stopped after the first time he didn't respond to you instead of waiting 12 months. That's crazy behavior girl. You can't get over him because you won't allow yourself too...period. For some reason you are running this reel in your head of what transpired because you spent a year ,chasing after a man who didn't deserve two seconds of your time!

    Its like you were in an imaginary relationship with the back of his head. With that said,move on from the situation. Take a little responsibility for being naive,and for hunting down a married man for a year. This dude does NOT miss you trust me. He's probably trying to figure out how to block your number. Get over it. Good Luck.

  • Usually people that are married that cheat never want to end their marriage.

    They just want something fun on the side because they feel

    they are lacking things in their relationship.

    When their needs get satisfied they discontinue their relationship with their "side person".

    That's usually how it goes.

    It's very unlikely the married person will leave their husband/wife for their side partner.

    The only time that does happen is if the person is honest on both ends about their affair,

    and motives.

    The married person usually juggles every one for a while...

    and gets rid of the person that they are not married to.

    He may have "liked you" but he never had the intentions to leave his wife for you.

    He just wanted something that was temporarily great and that is what he got.


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