It's killing me and I don't know what to do?

My ex and I broke up almost 7 month ago and tbh it's killing me inside! We tried to be friends after that but it didn't work out so we decided to be friends one last time...and now he is my brother on FB and we call each other 'bro' and 'sis' and that is weird for me but I thought it was better than losing him completely but it's actually worse and I literally can't sleep and I am depressed most of the time and I don't know how to handle this kind of situation please somebody help me...please :( especially if there are people who went through the same thing I did and oh another thing we are each others first love and we go to the same school so I see him everyday...


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  • Breakups, in general, are difficult. Breaking up while continuing a friendship with an ex is insurmountable to many.

    Remaining friends and regularly interacting with an ex whom you attached and feelings for is not conducive to recovering from the breakup in the most effective, least painful manner. The exception, perhaps, would be if you lived hundreds or thousands of miles apart from each other.

    In any event, sisters and bothers you are not, in any context, so do yourself a service by not referring to him as such, and, by all means, do not address him as such. You have a fairly recent emotional, romantic history with him. He is presently not, and perhaps may never will be, just your friend.

    Having said that, I strongly encourage you to distance yourself from him as much as your circumstances allow. Limit your interactions with him to unavoidable situations; for example, avoid conversing with him on Facebook, school, or mutual friends, etc., whenever possible. In other words, give yourself the necessary time to accept the breakup, to mourn, and completely heal.

    If you must, I suggest revisiting being friends with him after your feelings for him are no longer romantic. Otherwise, your pain, in it's present form, may be constant and resisting for indefinite period.


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  • It was a mistake to try to be friends before you had time to recover from the breakup. Now every contact reopens wounds and keeps hopes alive that prevent you from fully getting over him. I advise you to tell him that you are still struggling with the breakup and while you care about him you need to have some distance between you until you have fully gotten over him. It will still be hard seeming him at school but once you take steps to separate him from your emotions you can start the process of healing. This might take a while but you will heal.


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  • Here's a tip for LIFE:

    NEVER ever agree to be "friends" with an ex unless A LOT of time has gone by and you have allowed yourself to heal 100 percent from the breakup. That is the only way to maintain an actual platonic friendship. Otherwise,you are just fooling yourself.

    Good luck.


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