How do you move on from a forced breakup?

I broke up with my boyfriend today because his dad was going to make him break up with me and he did not want anyone to know that. I also need to work on myself with out a boyfriend. However, I have always been over the guy when I dumped them so... how do I cope


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  • If I knew that my boyfriend's dad was going to make my boyfriend with me, I would've done exactly what you did because f*ck them.

    As to how to cope, I've found that hanging out with friends and keeping busy is the way to go because time is what heals things, and when you keep busy the time moves faster, and you're occupied.

    As for working on yourself, we are all a work in progress and the fact that you can identify that for yourself is awesome. Big ups!

    Keep busy girl, and godspeed. >o


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