Ex Boyfriend broke up with me on Sat but is already contacting me!?

he says that he hopes everything is well, tells me that he's staying busy with work etc and in the end he says 'dont be to shy to write to me. stay positive always.'

I want him back! So what's my next move and what does the text mean!? is it just him doing the friend thing?

He said when he broke up with me that he wants to be alone and also has to find his happiness. he can't forget what happened and how he felt... we can still be friends and talk...

^^ So he broke up with me last sat/sun by text, possibly because he asked for time and I kept bugging him...(i. e. sending him trxt, pressuring him a little to come to a decision - fyi he was thinking about the rl for only 1,5 weeks ... I know I should have given himthe space :( ) well I hurt him unknowingly before, that's why he asked for time in the first place... We are in a ldr by the way ^^


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  • Girl,...

    DROP this guy.

    You only want him this much because he friggen dumped you. For starters it is a cowardly move to dump someone through text...do you not have more respect for yourself missy? Do you really think that is acceptable? Secondly,you think he broke up with you because you were bugging him about him giving a response or whatever? Ummmm...no. He just doesn't want to be with you in this long distance relationship for whatever reason. Maybe there is someone else or maybe he just wants to date others locally. Thirdly,of course he wants to be "friends" with you. Why? So he can keep you on the backburner until he finds someone else THAT'S why. Also so he can keep tabs on YOU. Its a good stroke of the ego to know that you have a woman who is pining over you even though she has been disrespected with a breakup TEXT.

    As the dumpee,you always place blame on yourself for the demise of the relationship...when in actuality,it probably has nothing to do with you...or BOTH people have faults. But for now,he wants to move on...and you should allow it. This is not the kind of guy to chase,or try to get back...TRUST me.

  • You're a mother effin fool if you get back with hm.

    • now why would that be? I made a mistake, he had all reason to be hurt... I want him back, why would that make me a fool? -.-

    • Hey I hope it all works out for you girl but if you don't know why, you just don't know. Good luck.

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