Is it normal not to remember who I used to be like around an ex?

Let me explain. I've been in my first serious relationship for close to 2 years. Everything was very new to me. I hadn't dated much before, I was still pretty inhibited. Things didn't work out, no contact with the guy, I moved on. I dated a handful of people after that. Chatted up a LOT of guys, went on many dates, had a month-long semi-serious romance. Dated someone else afterward.

Over the course of my ''busy'' dating life these past months, I've become MUCH more laid-back and free-spirited in dating. No I haven't become more promiscuous, I just mean I've become more comfortable in my own skin and I am more carefree when I date random guys I don't know well.

I stumbled upon my ''serious'' ex yesterday for the first time in 6 months. These days my not-so-serious ex (month-long relationship) ALSO contacted me again after not talking for over a month. It's made me realize that dating multiple guys (in a row, not at once!), meeting so many new people makes me forget how I used to act around certain people that aren't in my life anymore. I am only 21, yet it feels like I'm adjusting myself really frequently. I wouldn't say I'm changing, I just feel like I'm reinventing myself very often over the course of new life experiences. Can you relate to that? I feel like a stranger to myself when I talk to exes, it's pretty weird.


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  • yeah of course.


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