Tough Dreams of an Ex-love

Sure dreams are dreams, but the emotions are real feeling.

Just woke up from a night of a dream where I was with my ex. No sex just back together and seeing her daily routine, visiting with our friends who were mainly hers. They were so happy to see me with her again. It made me happy, that turned to sadness as even in my dream I realized I'm with another girl now and although I had 7 years of experiences, it has been over a year since I saw her and I've moved on (or so I thought).

I love the wonderful lady I am with. But we are still very young in our relationship and have an added issue of distance to deal with.

Are these dreams from longing that feel stronger due to the depth of the past relationship more than my current one or am I not ready to move on?

I feel extremely guilty having these types of dreams because my new love knows the depth of my old, but bringing it up only causes her pain. I don't want to string anyone along, but sometimes feel I have love for two people. One more out of touch than the other.

What do you do?


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  • you have to think of the dreams as a window to your unconsciousness. it might be that you still feel sorry you two broke up and that you want to be with her or maybe it's how you wish they saw you (her friends and her), that is in a positive way. maybe it's a desire to be desired by a person who desired you once :) maybe you miss something with a new girlfriend and dream really made your wish come true. also, some dreams are influenced by everyday experiences, so think about the last time you thought or talked about her. if it was recently maybe it's just your brain trying to store all the information it has so you can proceed with your daily activities. dreams are brain's way of dealing with tons of information we get every day. maybe it's both true. if you want to get bigger insight in your dreams, try writing them down the moment you wake up and try seeing if there is some pattern that keeps repeating. write down emotions and think about recent events that might have caused some 'unexplainable' things in your dreams. sometimes I dream about an sms that friend sent me, and that doesn't mean I want her to send me an sms, but can mean that my brain placed this information in my unconsciousness and that it has been activated when I started dreaming. good luck, I hope this helps you a bit :)


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