Why does cheating ex keep contacting me?

My ex cheated on me a lot I broke up with him after 2 years. we have been broken up for a few months. the last month he has contacted me randomly 5 times. I have ignored each time. I finally respond on phone and this is the conversation. what does he want from me?!

ths was the convo on phone basically: me: hello, him: hey ponky me: what do you wanttttt him: how are you me: why yyy him: just asking how are you me: mm well is there anything else you want him: no just asking how you are can't I ask how you are? me: welll you didn't care how I was when we were together so why now..so can you stop contacting me now? him: it was your fault you wrecked it and maybee me: OK please do iv got to go him: please do what. me: hangs up. then 5 min later I see that I tried to call on his normal number but I hv him blocked so I don't know why he would try that after he knew he was blocked and had called on a private number originally.


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  • cause he is a douche


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