Completely lost feelings for my ex, yet I had a dream about him last night. What's that mean?

So my ex and I are on good terms. We're friends again and we text each other daily. I've finally stopped having feelings for him and realized that last night. However, when I went to sleep I had a dream. He was holding me and I was holding him. He kissed me on my forehead (the way he did when we were together). I got those old feelings again in the dream. I woke up and felt butterflies in my stomach.

Does this mean I've still got some lingering feelings for him? Or does it just mean that I'm remembering the good times and how he used to make me feel? That I'm ready to finally move on?

When I realized the feelings I used to have were gone, it did make me a little sad, but it's best that they're gone because even though he had feelings for me again, they're gone away now... but that's another story.

TL;DR. I had a dream that my ex and I were embracing and he kissed me on the forehead. I'm over him finally. So what does that dream mean?
Thanks for all the input guys! I think that answers my question!


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  • I think the dream could speak to the fact that you two are now reconnecting. This connection isn't necessarily romantic, but you two are at least on good terms. Seems to me like your feelings for him are gone, but you still want to have him around as a friend.

    There's nothing wrong with being friends with an ex, unless its an attempt to get back with them. That doesn't always work.

    I think if you two can have a healthy relationship together as friends, it might be good to keep that connection.


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  • It's just a dream.. doesn't necessarily mean anything. I had a dream the other night that the girl who took my virginity gave me a hand job. It's been 26 years since that happened and she and I don't interact at all (other than being FB friends).

  • I think your done you can now chase your other dreams


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  • I'd guess that you only dreamed about him because you thought about him earlier, before you went to sleep. I wouldn't read too much into it beyond that.


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