Is my ex gf done or really mean what she says?

Long story short I have known this girl for almost a year and its been crazy. We started off as friends because I got out a bad relationship but she forced us to be in one which I wasn't ready for so it was good but I hurt her emotionally a lot sometimes. She says she felt her efforts were wasted even though i loved her. I left for bootcamp and i got injured so i was gone for those five months (we lost contact 3 months in) so she thought we were done (thanks to insecurities friends and family) so she start messing around. She says there were no feelings it was just sex and she felt as if i was going to hurt her again. I forgave her because i know i did bad and she did so i said lets forget the past and focus on now. She says she isn't ready anymore and a lot has changed, i need to get my life together and she does so once we do that than we can work on there being a us. So i said im not being your friend but later agreed because i found that to be childish lol but now she jokingly says bestfriend sometimes and says i love you but bestfriends shouldn't be in love with each other. Im confused is she really done or should i give it time to play out? Im not worried about other dudes because we are both busy a lot and the way we are no one will replace us. She keep saying she not ready and need time to adjust with me being back... i know of a guy friend she met but she says he isn't anything but a friend and he stays hours away from her, it sounded like someone just to talk to till i came home. is he more than that?
Oh and we are also five hours away :(


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  • I really think you should move on. A relationship so far away and it is also tainted with a hurt past. It is almost torture for both of you guys. She started moving on but you came back which is also really hard on her. im pretty sure she likes being single or she would've been ecstatic when she saw you again.


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  • Drop her. She's playing games with you. Girls don't make good friends.


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