missing my ex? what can I do? please help?

we hooked up a few years ago for a while when he was on a break with a long term girlfriend. about a year ago he got back in touch with me and we started seeing each other again (sexually and also just to hang out and do other things together). it was hard because I wanted more and he wasn't ready. I got pretty attached because he essentially helped me get over a previous break up, a shoulder to cry on you could say. I would often break it off with him because I wanted more, but go back again because I missed him. He told me he "could" love me but couldn't say he did love me. He told me he was starting to see a big improvement in my mood and overall happiness and he said that made him really happy. That same night I made a joke about another guy flirting with me and when he asked if it was some one I was seeing I said no, and he said that was good. Confusing because he never told me he wanted to be exclusive? was he just kidding? Anyway, a week later he saw a guy kiss me and then wouldn't talk to me, even though he claimed he didn't care, he told me to fuck off. I got a missed call from him once too, but when I got back to him he said it was just for sex. I asked him if he had any feelings for me, he said not romantically and that "this is for the best." It's also true that we were heading for a separation anyway because I am in another country for a few months. Did he mean what he said? what happened here? I miss him.


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  • Well only he knows how he feels and what his words really mean. It sounds like he was clearly jealous when he saw you get kissed by another guy. So much that he would tell you to, "fuck off". I think you need to just be blunt and talk to him about it. Ask him flat out, "Do you want to give us another try?".
    If he isn't ready or if he's playing games I highly suggest you make a complete break from him. The more he's in your life the harder its going to be to move on and if there isn't a future for this relationship then there's really no point.
    When you start to miss him try to remember that exes are exes for a reason. Something happened that made it not work out.


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