Love my ex but new cheap woman? 10 points?

My ex husband and I divorced last year. he's 34 and i am 32 and we share a 6 year old daughter. I have sole and legal custody. He is a famous athlete.

He has a really sleazy personality and has side chicks all over the US. He is seen with slutty women every week and goes to clubs to hunt them down.

Currently he is with a groupie as the woman and her cousins are claiming on Twitter. she's 37 and has three young kids, all boys.

But she's immature as crazy. she's followed me and keeps tagging posts related to my ex husband.
She acts like a teenage fangirl over rich and famous men and even stoops down to becoming their groupie or coming back for sex.

In repayment, she says he loves her and is dating her and sent her christian louboutin shoes as gifts.

Now she and her cousins have come up on Twitter and started spreading that she and him are dating.

she's leaked 2 pictures of them backstage and hanging out. She takes pictures of herself at his show, his tour bus bedroom and keeps mentioning him on Twitter.
She calls him 'boo' and takes pictures of herself wearing a cap with his initials, his merchandise.

she's so immature that she favorites tweets by his fans who believe she's his girlfriend. She is always wearing red lipstick, showing her boobs, and looks like a prostitute.

Is she normal and really in love with him or a gold digger groupie? and does he love her? He already has 1 kid and do you think he ll date someone like her and bring home to our daughter?

He has a show in Minnesota and she posted a pic 14 hrs ago on Twitter saying she's going to Minnesota.

He doesn't admit she's his GF or follows her on Twitter.
She lives in New York and he lives in Kansas, MO.

is this woman sane? Is my ex sane? I know my ex well enough and I never imagined to be dating such women. He treated these women as 'use and throw'.
Please answer me if you think its actually a serious relationship?


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  • Geez, the spammer strikes again...


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  • Last time you weren't his ex.

    She's probably use and throw. The fact he doesn't admit she's his gf... it might be ongoing, but he's fucking other women as well.

  • There a 3.5 billion men in the world, find youself a real husband. He ain't worth the powder.

  • I doubt it's serious, and even if it was, he's a cheater... it's not like he'll stop.


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  • Don't give 2 flying shits. If it is true... It's his life. I get that you guys have a kid together and you still love him. But think here lovie. Do men that go around and sleep with random sluts all over a country, when they have a 6 year old child to responsible for, really deserve anyone's love/thoughts. I'm not saying forget about him. He's the father of your kid. But it sounds like you have still left yourself emotionally vulnerable to him. And he doesn't deserve that. I would say, move on. Let him be a hoe and choose not to care. You deserve someone that shows you your good enough, and that can be a role model for your little girl. <3


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