why is he being distant with me after we kissed?

Ok so this is our story...

I known this boy since we were both in year 8 but we really started talking and hanging out after school when we were both in year 11. since then we been really good friends, we would hang out everyday together and tell each other anything... part from what we feel for each other. we are very close so yes we have our flirty moments with each other and of course we have a lot of ups and downs - arguments - mostly jealousy, I'm a very bubbly, energetic person - so yes I flirt with other boys but it doesn't mean anything, it's just me. NOW we are both in year 13, but we go to different schools, we still see each other but not everyday- Long story short - he took me out for Valentine's day and surprised me with chocolates and flowers at my door and it felt nice, I felt special in a way cause I was really surprised - he then called me drunk on his birthday and he told me he loved me which was nice to hear, so a couple of days after his birthday he took me out again and we just talked about us and how we feel about each other, we both said we want to try to make this relationship work- we both said lets take it slow and see day by day, so he kissed me and now his being weird, like he doesn't call anymore, it's like if I want to talk to him I have to call him or go see him myself.. we both said we likes each other but we said we are going to take things slow- BECAUSE when we have arguments and we don't talk for weeks like last time we didn't talk for 3 months - we miss each other like crazy and it's like we need each other so we taking things slow so we then know if this is what we actually want and not to ruin our friendship because we have an amazing friendship. but what I'm confused about is that is he having second thoughts about us? because before our kiss happened he would always call me, once in the morning and once before bed but now nothing. I feel like he keeps our conversation short as well when I come to see him at work. - advice.


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  • Well, you seem really young and you 2 can take as much time as you want.


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  • he is a real douch bag. most guys nowadays only want a quick hookup. he obviously just wanted to kiss you and now that he has its "on the the next one". im sorry you have to go through this but you need to cut your losses because if he wanted more he would make the effort, you are the girl so its your right not to run after a guy. no girl should. you are young so ave fun and meet other guys and maybe you will find the right one for you