What to think of my situation with my ex?

I dated a girl for a few months from around April to June last year. We broke up and she dumped me, but she called me every day for almost a month after we broke up, hinting she wanted to get back together but told me she didn't want to see me yet. One day out of the blue she stopped calling me, and when I tried contacting her she ignored me (end of June or so). That was it, it was the last time I heard from her until about September when she texted me once to catch up briefly, but then I didn't hear from her again until about 3 weeks ago.

She texts me out of the blue, I didn't even have her number on my phone anymore so I didn't know who it was that texted me. We chatted briefly, and it seemed friendly enough. She then called me the next day and we talked on the phone, and she kind of casually mentioned she had a boyfriend. A few days later we added each other as friends on fb again, and I did a little snooping and she has been dating a guy since basically around the time we broke up.

Recently she started talking to me a lot more, fb chatting me when I am on the same time as her, calling me a few times, and texting me a decent amount. Today she called me again, and she started complaining about her bf to me a little bit saying he is critical of her, saying he doesn't get her sarcasm like I do. She then asked me what I was doing after work tomorrow, and asked if I wanted to meet her at a bar near my work when I get off.

Other than complaining about her bf, our conversations have been very friendly so far, not really flirty. It is also worth noting her and I were never friends before we dated, we met at an online dating site. So it's not like she is an old friend.

So what is going on? Is she trying to be friends with me, and why? Also should I feel bad about hanging out with her given she has a BF?


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  • I don't think she's trying to get back with you. I mean you can never be sure but, one way to look at all of this is that she's trying to figure out what didn't work in the relationship relationship you guys had. Some couples do that after they break up, they stay in touch to work out the knits. I personally think it's a great idea.

    Then again she hasn't stated this. Maybe you should ask her what she wants to meet up for?

    Why would you feel bad? You dont really know what her situation is and even then it's none of your business. You've done nothing wrong here.

    • Well I wouldn't be happy if my gf was hanging around one of her exes all of a sudden and complaining about me to them. So I am looking at it kind of from his shoes, that is why I feel kinda bad

    • I know what you're saying, but maybe she's on her way out of a relationship, it's not for you to tell.

      It's also something they should be talking about. I mean the worry here really for him is not you stealing her girlfriend, but that he is not enough and she's looking for options. That's why I don't think it should be bothering you.

      I was out at a club once and wanted to ask someone to dance, but I was afraid she had a boyfriend, to which a girl-friend of mine told me that's her business

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