Confused, why won't he give me answers?

I was dating my friend for two weeks, just on Saturday night he came over to my friends room and hardly talked to me. I asked why he's been ignoring me all day and he made an excuse up. I told him alright whatever. All of a sudden, he walks out and texts me "I'm done. Sorry just can't deal with this right now." And that's all I have heard from him.

It's Wednesday and I messaged him on Facebook asking what happened, how it deserve some answers and I'm confused as to what suddenly happened between us.
He read it but then deleted me off Facebook and still never replied to me.

I just want to talk to him and find out what went wrong. I need closure to fully move on from him. It's killing me inside.

I need advice on what he might be thinking or why he's ignoring me completely.

Thank you!


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  • Well, for starters... people don't want to just break up over night. I think he wanted to do it sooner than when he did. Even if he was going through something rough or upsetting, the overwhelming response to you wanting to know why he didn't contact you was quite overwhelming and beyond rude. The two of you only dated for two weeks... which brings me to my next point.

    Girl, his behavior has NOTHING to do with you. NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. For whatever reason, he is acting out and he is taking it out on YOU in the worst way. Maybe something stressful is happening in his personal life, maybe not. Maybe he is just a complete @$$hole at times. Who knows? Which brings me to my final point:

    Do you know what usually happens after a breakup? The dumper usually cuts off ALL contact with the dumped as a way to finalize the decision AND as a way to MOVE ON. Here is a tip for you: STOP trying to contact him because you are only hurting yourself. As you can see, everytime you tried to talk to him, he went one step further in cutting you off. And now you feel even MORE devastated. If a guy wants to let you go, LET HIM. If a guy wants to no longer speak to you for reasons unknown and he is not mature enough to speak to you about it. LET HIM. Why? Because you should have more respect for yourself than to sit around and beg for someone's attention when they could care less about YOU.

    Breakups are ROUGH... they really are. But you know what's worse? BEGGING for closure and answers as to what you did wrong or how you can fix it. There is NEVER any closure. Meaning, whatever he would say to you whether it is criticisms about you or whatever else, its only going to make you feel WORSE. Stop seeking closure because it doesn't exist!!! Closure happens from within. Just knowing that you were the best girlfriend you could be for 2 weeks, and knowing that his issues are NOT your issues. You did nothing wrong and unfortunately he is immature and lacks the ability to communicate properly.

    • Seeking answers after a breakup is a colossal waste of time and energy, and if only prolongs your healing from the breakup itself. I know you're hurting, but you have to stop seeking answers because you're not going to get them right now from him. Do Not contact him in any shape, form or fashion. just don't do it. Put yourself around positive friends because THEY Are the ones that will help you feel better. Go out and try to have fun and in time, the pain will subside. You deserve more anyway

    • so stop putting so much energy into someone who truly doesn't deserve it. Good luck to you.

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  • Repeat after me guys are jerks and yours is being disrespectful to you by not talking with you. Going out for two weeks and he tried to have sex and you refused (y/n) too much work moving on to the next girl. now I'm just an old guy and that's my opinion!!


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  • Forget those who do not deserve you.


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