Lying LDR boyfriend having dreams of me cheating?

I recently found out that my LDR boyfriend have been pretending to be single. The girl he was talking to (I don't know her) messaged me out of the blue and sent me screenshots of texts where my boyfriend is claiming to be single and asking her out. My boyfriend has a long history with this girl, they were friends for 5 years and hooked up before he even met me. She sent me several texts screenshots where he is asking her out, asking her to meet him and listen to what he has to say. I also talked to her on the phone and she said that she met my boyfriend recently and had intimate moments while I was dating him. I confronted my boyfriend about it and he claims that he hasn't seen that girl in a year and that he was only texting her because he was bored. He also said that she is obsessed with him and still has feelings for him so she is trying to come between us and ruin our relationship. He didn't deny claiming to be single since I had proof but he denied cheating on me with her or with any other girl. I told him that I lost trust in him and that I can't believe him anymore after being betrayed. He apologized sincerely and promised to never lie to me nor to hide anything from me in the future and we talked it through, we both are very in love with each other so I decided to give him a second chance and made it clear that I will break up with him if he lies to me one more time about anything. I am still in the process of learning how to trust him again and we are both working on overcoming this trust issue.
Few days later, he started having dreams about me cheating on him?
This clearly shows that we have unresolved issues and to me it could mean two things. He is either very insecure now that I lost trust in him so he thinks I will cheat on him. Or these cheating dreams are a reflection of his guilt, and would otherwise mean that he cheated on me so?

What do you guys think?
Thank you for your insights in advance.


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  • These "dreams" he Claims to have, could either be something he is having now, because he feels "what's good for the goose, is now good for the gander," or else he is just Saying he is "day dreaming" about this, in order to find out if you Now have any serious intentions of cooking up a sweet dish, and in turn, roasting his butt, in order to retaliate. Meaning---there is a strong possibility he did cheat.
    Yes, I definitely would have to agree, sweetie, there are "unresolved issues" to handle in both of your lives now. And being he is long distance, the mistrust, the insecurities, are bound to waddle on in, especially when one or both in this relationship, have given good reason to fly off the handle. xx


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  • It meanly shows he feels insecure. About you or about himself.


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  • When a man calls another woman "obsessed" that means he is trying to distract you from the fact that he is cheating on you with that person behind your back. You deserve better. stay pretty xo


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