How can you tell if he is lying to you?

How can you find out if your man is lying to you about being with another woman? Even if you're separated how can you tell if he is being honest about moving on?


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  • How do you know when a guy is lying? It all starts before you pick the guy that ends up lying to you. If he's a popular ladies man, stay far far away from him as you can get. Otherwise sooner or later more than likely you can expect you WILL eventually be lied to.


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  • There's no way of knowing unless you hire a private detective or caught him in action. Guys are the best liars, so if you don't really trust the guy then don't stay with him.

    • Actually you have that backwards. Girls are the best liars since they have used lies more and therefor have perfected the art. Guys are the worst liars because they have not perfected it.

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    • No, that's the way I see it because I've been around lying girls. Dated one myself who was a constant liar and cheat. Which was exactly why I broke up with her.

    • Maybe it's not about what gender is the best liar, lol it really depends on the individual. So I was wrong in saying guys are the best liars. But I know a lot of guys who are liars. My dad is the biggest liar that I have ever encountered in my life, that's why I said that about guys.

  • You feel it in your heart, never overlook it. You will know when they are lying

    stay pretty xo

  • You ask him. Men are generally super honest creatures.


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