How to get back with my boyfriend without being desprate to get him again?

Hey there, well my story with this guy whom I like but we broke up 3 months ago. It was my fault and I hurted him so he chose to keep away from me and I told him that Im sorry for what I did 3 times and he's free to do what he sees is right for him. anyways, no he back to contact me again texting me last night that he hopes Im good and he misses me. I stayed formal, told him that Im very good and hope that he's fine too and thank him for the message. I think he wants to get me back again because he had never texed me since we brocke up, so my question is how can I get back with him ( the thing that I want to do) without being so disperate and needy, I don't want him to think that I was waiting for him the whole time to get back. please tell me what to do and what to say when he starts to talk about it, thanks in advance
He is my ex boyfriend by the way and I want to get him back toO


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  • I think you should just tell him about you said here, or ask him where you two stand, what he wants and tell him what you want.

    • thanks for your reply, do you think that he won't take me for granted if he felt that Im welcoming him so fast? thanks again

    • There's no possible way of knowing what he will think.

      But I can tell you the longer you wait for him to do something, the higher the chances of him finding someone else.

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