Does he want me back or is he just trying to be nice or is he just feeling guilty?

So this guy and I dated for about a year. We were freshman in highschool when we started dating. We broke up this year, our sophmore year, in October. We broke up mainly because he was stressed out from school and life in general and I was just going crazy at the time because he wasn't paying much attention to me anymore all of the sudden. It freaked me out and I got really insecure and suspicious and that made him a bit angry. We never fought much but we finally had a big fight that ended up tearing us apart. We stopped talking for about 4 months and now out of the blue he starts texting me. At first he's asking how I'm doing and catching up with me, then later on he apologized for "not being there" for me "like he should have been". And he's saying he misses me and wants to be really good friends now and was even fliritng a bit. But he also asked for dirty pictures one night and I said no obviously. I asked him if he came back just to hook up and he said no and that he "really missed me" and "didn't come back just for ass." Also said that everything that happened was his fault. We still talk here and there but normally its just about school stuff. I'm pretty sure he's talking to other girls but nothing serious so it doesn't bother me. I still have feelings for him and when we broke up he said he didn't want to lose me and if its meant to be we'd be together in the future. I don't really know whats going on with him or what he's trying. Help please.
We've stopped talking and he apparently "hates" me now because I unfollowed him from instagram and questioned if we weren't friends. I'm still crazy abouy him however this is just getting ridiculous.


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  • It sounds to me like he is trying to rekindle the relationship. I think the time apart was good for him. He was able to destress and get his head on straight. "You don't know what you've got until it's gone."

    You say you still have feelings so just talk and text for a bit. See how things go.

    Neither of you wanted to break up. But it happened because of extenuating circumstances. And honestly I don't feel that either of you were necessarily at fault for the break up. Sometimes sh*t happens.



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  • Just give it go... continue to communicate with him and see where it goes. He owned up to his faults at the time. so see where it goes. Please give updates. :)


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