What does my ex-boyfriend want from me? Flip-flops?

My ex-boyfriend and I had planned to go to a concert together before we started dating. Then we broke up, and he was trying to give my ticket away because he thought I'd be mad at him. I told him I still wanted to go but I wasn't going to get in between him and who he invited (the concert isn't a big deal to me.) He said "They were plan B. You paid first for the ticket, and I want to go with you." Okay… this is weird considering we had broken up because he thought we moved too fast (we dated for a month and were each other's firsts - something totally out of character for both of us.). The more I thought about it the more I thought about the times he was a major dick to me throughout the relationship and decided I didn't want to go after all. When I texted him it would be too awkward and I'd rather just go our separate ways entirely, he got snappy with me.

I guess I just don't get his behavior. I didn't push him into a relationship, or into having sex, or into being serious. I would tell him to go hang out with his friends, I never blew up his phone. I may have bought him a shirt and that freaked him out but I explained it was the same thing as buying movie tickets to me and didn't mean anything. I don't get why he'd be mean so I'd break up with him, say he hopes we get back together, try to give my ticket away, then say he wants to go with me, then get mad when I don't want to.

Guys if you can help me understand that'd be great. Sorry it's long!
I meant to also add he was the one who said he wanted to meet my friends, and talked about how it would be when he met my parents. I never spoke of those things ever because it'd only been a month!


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  • I think he has just basically freaked out over how fast things were going. Guys do this sometimes, the act out of fear. So he broke up with you. Now he is away from you, he clearly misses you and is trying to be friends by wanting you to go to the concert. You clearly have your head on straight though. If he was mean to you that early on in a relationship, I think it is best you sever all ties. From personal experience, I carried on with a relationship where the guy was just nasty and it only got worse. Took me an entire year to recover. I would say to him, just sell the ticket and move on.

    • You're right and thank you for the support. I guess I thought guys only freaked out if WE were the ones pushing them. I never did, so I didn't understand. Oh well. Yes he does miss me, he told me he missed talking to me but that he just wanted to be friends for right now and "not to rush into anything." Ugh so over that phrase. And him. Thanks again!

    • Yeah and they act like us girls never know what we want. My ex was so hot and cold all the time. One minute they're all over you, the next they don't want you. Who can be arsed with it all really. You'll be better off, cos he will only hurt you worse.

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