Ex GF is trying so hard to ignore me, but I catch her looking at me then looking away when we make eye contact?

I was out last night. I was playing pool with a close friend of mine and suddenly my ex shows up with two of her friends.

The friends are looking at me. My ex on the other hand was trying so hard to ignore me, she had turned her back on me at one point.

When I walked away however, I looked back and I caught her looking at me.

I've caught her looking at me a load of times before and she keeps looking away quickly after we make eye contact.

What does she want?


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  • She probably does still have feelings for you, but she doesn't want you to know. Think about it: if you saw an ex that you never really cared about, and you don't have any feelings towards anymore, you wouldn't be looking at them, and you may even walk up to them and ask how they are doing. Her friends are eyeing you up to see what you're doing, who you're with, if you're looking over at her, etc. She, on the other hand, is pretending to ignore you, so that you will think she doesn't care about you being there, which she obviously does since you caught her looking at you.

    I'm not sure if this means she wants you back or anything like that, but if you want to talk to her, do it. She's obviously too afraid to say something to you or to have you find out she still has those feelings for you, otherwise she would have said something or at least held eye contact.

    • I'm not holding on to the hope that she *might* want me back, but I still love her dearly. I want us to try again - have a fresh start.

    • Well, reading your comments on the other answers, it seems like both of you still care about each other, but you just needed time apart, which is completely normal. Only the two of you will know when is the right time to reconnect and try again.

    • Yeah. It'll be after she finds out that my ex friend lied to her and attacked me with a deodorant spray and a lighter. I got the University involved about the attack and we'll have a meeting this week.

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  • By the sounds of the "gawking and goggling," she may want to just talk, find out how you are doing these days. I cannot be sure of anything more than the idol chatter, but if you would Approach her, I am quite sure you may find out more of her motives. Just because you are both broke up, doesn't mean you can't stay friends. Just some thoughts off the top of my head.:)) xx

    • I told her I couldn't be friends with her - it would be impossible for me to see her in a "friendly" way. So she knows.

    • Oh, I see, I'm sorry to hear that. However, if she Has had a change of heart, a change of thought, no harm in approaching her Anyways just for your own curiosity. xx

  • She regrets for now but it doesn't mean you can or should meet her again. She just needs time. If she really cannot forget you, she may try to contact you.

    • She might regret it, misses you, feels uncomfortable, curious, or looking why you are keep staring at her.

    • I don't look at her often... only when I know she isn't looking. It's only when she looks at me that she'll look away. I think it's more than just curious just by the amount of times I've caught her.

  • She regrets for now but it doesn't mean you can or should meet her again. She just needs time. If she really cannot forget you, she may try to contact you. And if she does, you should be serious not to hurt her eventually.

    • Yeah. Of course I'll give her time and space - that's what she asked for from the start of the BU.

      She's angry at me for what she heard happen back in December with my ex friend - he lied to her. He attacked me with a lighter and a deodorant can. But she'll find out soon enough.

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