My ex girlfriend wants to wait 6 months before she returns a possession of mine.?

My girlfriend of 6 months, she said she felt I was over committing and she became uncomfortable. What does that mean.
She decided we shouldn’t see each other anymore because of it.

She has a toy tractor of mine that I was letting her grandsons play with while they visited her. She sent an email to me saying if I wanted my tractor back right away, she would drop it off as soon as possible. Otherwise she was going to wait another 6 months. She figured by then, my great- nephew, she referred him by name, using both his first and middle name, would be old enough to play with it. Why would she want to wait so long. She’s the same woman who placed my hand over her heart and held it there when she said she wanted to break things off.

She did 2 other quirky things. Even when she was somewhat pissed at me, she would always find her way of sitting right tight and snug to me. She’d start out 8 to 12 inches apart but slowly work her way against me.
When we sat together she would talk very softly. I would have to stain to hear her. She knows I can’t hear so well in that ear. Yet she would do it. When the phone rang, She would answer it stand 8 feet away and talk loudly so I would be able to hear her ‘private’ conversation.
I'm interested in some woman's views.


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  • I don't know, she sounds kind of funny, like she is a little crazy. I don't know , just try and get your things back.


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  • I don't know . It sounds kinda goofy. But, I have a Big Wheel you can play with 'til you get your tractor back. ; - )


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