I want her back because i love her?

Hi all ,
I Broke up with my girlfriend a year ago , it was my mistake i know...
i want her back now, but i don't know if she stills has feelings for me , i love her so much but i couldn't tell her ,
we didn't ' have too much contact that year , but after that i revived the relation as friends , but i still feel like shs'e pushing me away sometimes...
can you help?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Tell her. It's the only way. You don't want to regret not telling her how you're feeling

    • what if she rejected me !! i hurted her the last time we were togethre

    • You can't live your life fearing rejection and thinking only of the worst scene scenario.

    • i thought about giving her a birthday present with a letter , it's on march 13

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