Does he want me back? I can't figure him out...?

We had a big (and emotional) fight about a month ago, then after 8 days he broke things off. He said he wanted to be friends with me though, because he still cares for me.
3 days ago he called me a couple times out of the blue (didn't pick up at first oh and by the way we didn't talk (1-2 txts maybe) ever since we had that fight and I went back home) and said he misses me, he misses seeing my face. We then skyped (LDR) for an hour and a half. He asked if I met someone else. When I said 'no' he said 'good' and he asked me if I still loved him. He talked like we were still together. (fyi he was a bit drunkies) He also let me know that he's not seeing anyone.
Next night he called me again. Skyped for 2 hrs. He still calls me baby or babe. (completely sober)
Next morning he gave me a quick call before work and asked if I was happy that he's calling me. I told him that I was surprised and he replied 'I told you I would call. I told you we'll still be friends and I said last night that I want you to have my babies' (seriously, he told me that!)

I do want him back. Our fight was stupid and more of a misunderstanding. Both of us got hurt.

So, what does he want? Does he want me back or gee why do you tell your ex, that you want them to have your babies? xD I really don't get guys... I mean it's like we're together, but we're not... That bothers me...
What's my next move?


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  • You need to be careful. " Its like we are together but we're not". Exactly. You're not together. You're in a vulnerable situation right now, and he is asking you ALL of the right questions to make you continue thinking about him and having hope. HOWEVER, he has said absolutely nothing about actually getting back together with you and WORKING on the relationship. Its difficult to figure out whether he is just giving you empty words and lip service feeding his ego, or if he is truly interested in a relationship with you... again. Obviously, he still cares for you... to a certain extent. But I also think, if he is the one that dumped YOU.. then you need to guard your heart a bit more.

    If I was in this situation, I would either make myself super scarce and let him know that he needs to decide whether he is interested in working on things, or just delivering empty words. Why? Because I'm not going to wait around a lifetime. And I would just leave him with that, and not communicate as much with him. If he is serious, he would want to snatch you up quickly before some other guy does. And he would want to properly work on the relationship instead of running.


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  • These aren't really signs that he wants you back, they're signs that he probably misses you.

    The best thing to do after a break up is to go No Contact. This helps you moved on, but also gives him a chance to properly miss you and you can take things from there.


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