I don't understand his behaviour?

So i was with my ex for a while, it was the first real relationship we had at 21. I am still in love with him (unfortunately...) Basically we broke up because he 'didn't want a relationship right now.' He saw me out last Friday night and approached me telling me he's in love with me and regrets it but a relationship still isn't right because i deserve better and that way no one gets hurt. Since then i haven't spoken to him, he sent me a snapchat which i didn't respond to and he still constantly looks at my things.

He messaged me last night asking if I would be out so he could get his hat back... which would be fair enough but at the start of our relationship in may his friend jokingly stole his hat on a night out and had only just gave it back to him in January so it was hardly a loss to him. I was on Facebook today and for the first time in a while I went on his page I saw he was tagged in a photo from Tuesday night with a girl, i went on his instagram (which he made while we were together to just look at my profile) and she's the only person he follows, it used to be just me..

I just don't understand him, how he can say he didn't want a relationship.. how he can tell me he's in love with me and regrets it but then it looks like he's seeing this girl? :/ I feel so hurt, betrayed and let down and most of all heartbroken. Can anyone understand this?


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  • His actions are clearly not matching up with his words, making his intentions extremely questionable. I wouldn't trust what he says at this point.

    I know you still care about him, but you don't deserve to be strung along like that while he dates other girls. Next time he approaches you and confesses his love for you or whatever, I would bring up the Instagram girl, and see how he reacts. Call him out on his bullshit (in a skeptical, but calm way) -- if he really loved you, he'd want to be with you, period.

  • He probably just want you to be mind fucked nothing more! he wants you to keep thinking that he still loves you, and by that you won't move on and would be attached to him and you will keep loving him... but why?
    simply because your a backup plan to him... he has his girl... but at the same time he wants you to be around whenever he needs you.
    I know my words are too harsh... but I've been there... in the very same situation.
    maybe i'm wrong but that is what I think!
    move on... he's a player!!!


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