So... there's this guy I like... what to do?

Ok... so this guy, I like him, he likes me, he has a girlfriend that he's waiting for the right moment to break up with. Problem is, when he'll break up with her. He seems pretty involved but I don't know if I should like, hang out with other guys to make him jealous or something, or if I should just flat out tell him I like him like THAT and I think he should break up with her. Like, I don't want to be too straight forward or seem pushy, but I don't know. I don't want any "Just stay in the friend zone until the time is right" crap. That's all I've been getting on all of these sites. I am ready to spring like a hungry panther! So I want to know how to get him to notice me and ask me out. There's this one kid who really likes hugging me so I'll stop complaining when he does that. It makes my guy friend SUPER JEALOUS when he does that! All answers are appreciated!!! ;D


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  • I would make him a LITTLE jelly. Not too much bc he'll think you are more interested in him.

    • Thank you for NOT being a total jerk like these other guys. You shall receive one (1) cookie!!! :)

    • haha thanks

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  • Don't play games, little girl. Just tell him. That will be quick and easy. Guys like it if you are direct and to the point. Stop beating around the bush.

    • I just don't want 30 to 35 year old men calling me little girl. It's just plain creepy.

    • Fine. I just don't want 30 to 35 year old men calling me little girl. It's just DISTURBING. Better?

  • He's in a relationship. If he's happy with it or not isn't any of your business and it's not your place to break them up. Period.

    You wouldn't like it if some chick butted in your relationship and broke you and your guy up.

    If it falls apart, fine. Until then, do the classy thing and keep it to yourself.


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  • Ok all of us girls have thought or done the make him jealous trick but if you want a guy you should get him the right way and not play mind games infact wouldn't you rather him be won over by your amazing personality and not by the fact you made him jealous? If he's got relationship issues back off and just be his friend if he really likes you he'll ask you out if you feel that he has attraction in his heart for you ask him he may just see you as a friend or he may still love his girlfriend. Don't try to get involved let him make decisions cause he is in a relationship

    • That was the only GOOD response I've gotten so far. Thanks!!! :)

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