So this girl is stalking my boyfriend. Has he been seeing her behind my back?

Some girl (from out of state) supposedly has been stalking my boyfriend for the last several years, from what he told me. Throughout our one year relationship, I haven't suspected call, but then about a month ago, she called and he told her while on speaker phone in front of me to stop calling him. Eversince then, he's been getting all kinds of calls at nighttime. We broke up for a few weeks and didn't speak, but then we got back together and right before we were going to go out, she called him, but he ignored it. He told me that he blocked her call awhile back and now he's saying he wasn't able to. He even showed me her call (with her number on it). He tells me that she's "crazy" and will constantly call for the last several years. I'm not sure he's telling the truth and I'm tempted to call her to see if he's lying. Plus he told me that whoever calls him (whether girl or late at night) is none of my business. I'm not sure what to do. Do you think he's cheating? thanks.


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  • If that girl / woman is obsessed with him it's a bad call to involve yourself with her.

    I've had cases of women stalking me (guess it's ordained) even if we meet as an friends with benefits or even as a simple conversation or worse - being kind to her for any reason and have faced suspicions & nightmares from my partner in the past for no fault of mine. Even going to the cops and complaining, getting a restraining order wouldn't satiate my partner cause she was insecure herself from within.

    If he's being earnest about letting you know about her calls and stuff, I'd say believe him.

    If you do want to find out if there's any truth in your suspicions, the safest way is to get one of your smart, strong and bold who has good worldly knowledge woman friends to be friends with her & get some facts out of her w/o asking for it cause she'll spell it out herself (believe what she can prove nothing else cause she'll probably state things in her mind that haven't occurred as facts)

    • Oh, if he got a restraining order, then I'd more likely believe him. However, he claimed he blocked her about a month and a half ago and then yet she's still able to call him. Plus I don't know this girl and she's in another state (supposedly). If he showed signs that he's trustworthy then I'd feel secure, but he hasn't.

    • A stalker would have made it a point to be closer to the subject of stalking and won't remain confined to another state - THAT is weird yes

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  • I don't know if you can call this actual "cheating," sweetie, but I do know he can, if He So Inclines to end the drama, either Block her number, or---Get a NEW one. I have had family and friends in the past do one or the other for various reasons, and I would say, This one is a perfectly legitimate excuse to do "whatcha gotta do" and---soon.
    For some unknown reason, she won't take "NO" for an answer. This psycho is not only a home wrecker, but crazy as can be. She is causing both of you havoc and harassment in your One year relationship, and driving you to the brink of all eternity even all hours of the nite. If allowed to Continue her stalking scenario much longer, it will Cause even More hell on earth, to the point where your break up "for a few weeks" could end up next time to be even longer and----more permanent, from your Own state. xx

    • He may be talking, is why she is Stalking, sweetie. You Do have every right to feel insecure. Either tell big mouth boyfriend to change his number, or call his phone service, as how to block this broad, or use other More serious measures so he gets the hint across to not Him, but to the home wrecker. xx

    • oh, sorry.. Not Only to him..

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