Why is my ex pulling me in then pushing me away?

So my ex and I broke up in about October, we had a thing for 4months, well after a month or two we broke up we talked and talked on the phone for a while. His feelings came up one night, we both confessed our feelings. Then he just completely pushed me away the next day. He broke up with be two days after we met, and he was my first kiss. Everybody tells me to just forget about it and stop talking to him but I do love him. So a while after that it happened again but he acted really serious.. so a couple days later he pushed me away again. Some time after that he tells me he's been trying to forget me but just can't and he loves me, I believed him ofcourse. But, he just pushed me away again. I was fed up with it all being pulled in and pushed away over and over. I asked him why but he never gave me an answer so I just decided to push away my feelings and try to forget about them but deep down I couldn't. Recently long while after that he told me he loves me and likes me a lot , i told him I do to. But, then he promised me he wouldn't push me away anymore. He told me he did it because he didn't want to date somebody who lived an hour away. But I feel like there's more to it. And recently, he's been somewhat reading my messages and not replying i feel like he's doing it again or is it just me? He flirts a lot , but doesn't know what's going to happen to us. I need help.


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  • Push and pull is like a dance.. part of the game.


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