What should I do. I like her a lot?

Ok... so this girl, I like her, she likes me, she has a boyfriend that she's waiting for the right moment to break up with. Problem is, when will she break up with him. She seems pretty involved but I don't know what to do


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  • That's just it, sweetie, and You hit the nail on the head here: When will she break up with him? It's hard to know, hard to tell and---probably just as Hard for her to do. Just How "involved" she is with him, remains to be seen.
    For now, play it cool, don't pressure her into Doing anything she may regret later, and therefore, start taking It out on you. It will make for a bad beguine, and you could also end up being a---Rebound Robert.
    Just let it happen, and remain being There for her, showing your good side, and what she is missing Out on if she doesn't have you around. If she is into you That much, she will eventually Break down and Romeo Number One will Then be---History, my friend.
    Good luck. xx

    • If that's the case, you now have to Indiscreetly" fight for her, but don't exert so much problem in doing so, that she gets cold feet and stays with this bird. Be smart, but be There for her. It's a dog eat dog world, and may the best man win.. xx

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    • I don't doubt that you are her Rock of Jabrolta, but saying that you want to leave someone and actually doing it, is another thing. I hope you and her end up together, for she is most likely better off, but there must be something there that she is still holding on to. Show her you are the man for the job, but don't push, as I say. She has much on her plate. xx

    • Be patient, and if it is meant to be, You both will be together.. It's called "The test of time"...:)) xx

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  • How long has she been with this boyfriend? I'm hesitant to say just got for her because in this sort of situation, it's sort of similar to 'once a cheater, always a cheater'. If she does break up with him and get together with you, what makes you think she wouldn't do the same to you if someone even better comes along?

  • I don't think you should make any effort in talking to her in any way unless she has broken up with the guy. She might string you on for far too long because she feels too bad about breaking up with him and it could get really messy. It would be a waste of your time as well. However, when she does break up with him then that's a different story. If she is feeling hesitant about breaking up, that's already a bad sign. Not trying to be pessimistic, you just don't want to have high hopes if she isn't able to go through with it. People can be pretty unpredictable!

    • You also never know how the relationship is. Relationships have two sides and she might act completely different with him than they way she explains it to you.

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  • KaylaS91 is on the right track. You keep out of it and have very little to do with her.
    If she ever does decide to end it with the boyfriend, catch up with her after that. Do you really want a girl who "shops around" while she still has a boyfriend?

  • Uhh, with the very little amount of info it is hard to tell. If she says she is going to break up with him, then simply wait. If she keeps saying she is going to break up with him, but never does, then talk to her about it.

    • She always say that she is confused, and doesn't know who to pick

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