What do I do about ex boyfriend's fiancé?

So I got to talking to my ex's new fiancé. He still talks to my family. He came with her to my niece's first birthday. I talked to her and saw that she had a ring and she kept talking about a wedding with him. I had broke up with him because he had cheated on me more than once. Until I ended up asking are you sure you want to do that. We got to talking and she asked if something more happened between us on our break up. I told her somewhat and she gave me her number and told me to text her. I told her it was her choice if she wanted to know. I told her I felt bad on telling her but she says he's already met her family. My family is nice to him and all because he's my brother in law's friend. After I broke up with him he obviously wanted to making me feel bad about it by bringing her around. I just felt bad for her and got to really liking her as a person. I don't know what to do about it now should I text her and tell her what happened?


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  • Honestly since you two are already at that point in the discussion you might as well tell her the truth. Make sure to come off as sincere and genuine about it. You might save her from future heartbreak if they do get married but still that can damage the trust they have with each other. If you hadn't been in touch with her I would've said no because he "could" have changed and that its his/her relationship and he has already moved on thus you shouldn't bring in your past relationship into theirs BUT I do not condemn cheating so it's really 50/50. But it all comes down to you; it's your choice and up to you if you want to let her know or not.


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  • Why were you staying friends with a guy who cheated on you. What gives you the right to get involved in their relationship? He hurt you, that doesn't mean you should go hurting him back. Live your life to the fullest, revenge is for high school, not 25-29 year olds

    • I'm not friends with him he keeps on coming around and he's friends with my brother in law. That's the only reason why people still talk to him. My right as a human being is to see that people shouldn't be controlled by others. I told her because I have a consciousness and some people would rather make others look bad than take responsibility for their own actions. I've seen more high schoolers know the right from wrong than most adults.

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    • I am not speaking about myself that would most likely describe people that condemn cheating.

    • I've seen more high schoolers know the right from wrong. You just insulted yourself

  • Just tell her the truth, you own her that much. If he really did cheat on you, she should know.

    • After I broke up with him he obviously wanted to making me feel bad about it by bringing her around.

      -that might have been a coincidence. You all know each other after all.

      Come to think of it, your sisters husband is the friend of a cheater... That doesn't sound good to me.

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    • Pretty much.

    • Hmm, what would my dad say,... as soon as you acknowledge the truth and repent for your sins, I'll talk to you again...

      Which in his case was never. If my dad was you, he would say, well is your husbands friend coming to the Christmas /new years/birthday/whatever/party? Oh he is... then, I'm not coming.

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