Ex still texts. Comes into my work. We broke up 6 weeks a go and I can't let go. What do I do?

Broke up 6 weeks ago and still texts each other...
How do I try and get my ex back after 6 weeks but still in contact with each other since it happened


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  • In my opinion, I don't think you should dwell on the past, ex's included. If you were adamant you want to be friends and not have a romantic relationship again, I would make this VERY clear to him and if he flirts, reply in a friendly manner, but don't reciprocate his texts.

    If you have done the above, maybe try no contact? If you still want to be friends, you could talk occasionally but not everyday, maybe a few times a week.

    If that fails then I would no contact, wait until you're absolutely other him, when the thought of him dating someone doesn't affect you, when you stop thinking about him at all, when he takes up none of your time, mentally or physically, then, try to pursue a friendship if the opportunity arises.

    The mid-point between friends and lovers is a rough place.

    Just my two cents.

    • I don't understand how he can break up but still text

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    • He comes into my work still. I just don't understand it all

    • From what I see, as I've said, he isn't interested in a relationship, but he enjoys aspects of it and is carrying them on to get his daily compliment or what have you. I think he has instantly put you into a friend manner, he probably considers you a really good friend and is just to flirt and get a kick without being committed, you need a break just to come to clarity with yourself, you're not ready for what he's asking for, I think you deserve a lot better. That's up to you though.

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  • It sounds like he still wants to be friends. It can work, but only if it's mutual obviously.

    If you need to, just tell him you need some space for a week or two, but that you still want to be friends. Separating your romantic feelings, especially if there's no chance you'll be getting back together, is something important to handle.

    • But then when we text sometimes he'll reply like when we was together

    • How so?

      I know my ex and I still talk mostly like we did when we were a couple. We even continued living together for a year after breaking up. The main thing that changed was the sexual/romantic relationship, but it didn't actually change how we treated each other.
      Perhaps he doesn't realize you'd rather he treated/talked to you differently now? Or that the way he's acting has been confusing up to now?
      You should most likely just talk to him about it.

    • I've tried saying can we talk cause I need to get things sorted in my head. I need answers to my questions.
      I thought we could of worked on it before we broke. And he agreed until 3 days later and gave up. He came into my work 5 days later and sent me a text saying I didn't seem happy to see him

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  • You have to cut all ties off. It's the hardest step, but it is nessicarry for you to move on.
    Like how can you call it a breakup, if you still talk.

    • I've tried. We didn't text for 6 days and it was hell. Hated every minute of it. He comment when we later shared texts he was giving me space

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    • I no you didn't say I didn't love him.

    • Exactly. Look you are still hung up on him, we are all pretty much giving you the same advice. It's your choice to take it or not. We won't waste your time, so don't waste ours if you're not going to even consider taking our advice

  • Since you still have feelings for him ask him how he feels about you cuz exs dont usually still text there exs after they have broken up. i think he still may want to get back with you. and show how much u want him back.

    • I've never texted an ex apart from him but I've never been inlove with someone so much in my life apart from him. I have recently text him and asked to meet to talk and he said no. So he is just not ready or scared

    • he's really scared i think. a lot of guys are afraid to pursue girls they really love cuz they dont want to get hurt. loving a girl for guys are on another level then girls. there feelings are super strong!

  • I would block him he's your ex no?

    • Yes & tell him not to come in to you work place.

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    • Then you just answered your own question. Give it another try.

    • How though? I can't try on my own, can I? Just don't know what or where to go and do

  • U can be friends


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