Emailed an ex or old friend on Facebook, he responded the first time but not the second?

The other day I was visiting a place that reminded me of this guy I had dated very shortly 15 years ago. We weren't really bf and gf but went out every so often & had a great connection & the chemistry was ridiculous but nothing ever came of it. To this day I'm not sure why things never went any further. Over a year ago he friends requested me on FB and I excepted but he hasn't said a word in over a year which is weird. He is happily married and I'm happily married but the other day after visiting our place, I thought of him & wondered how he's been doing so I decided to e-mail him. I admit I still find him very attractive. The e-mail was pretty simple "hey how are you? I haven't talked to you in so long & I was at (Place).. yesterday & thought of you" he reads it and responds with 'I'm so happy to hear from you, I still remember those FUN days :) you still look beautiful". I was surprised he responded, but kind of glad. I responded with.. 'Glad to hear back from you.. things are great. I was at *** and thought of you so I thought I would e-mail you to say hi. I remember our fun days too :) :) lol " Then told him a little about what I have been doing work wise etc. and then I ended the e-mail with "Your son is adorable and your wife is beautiful. are you still traveling for work?" He read the e-mail and its been 3 days and he hasn't responded & now I'm worried I said too much plus there were a few typos in my e-mail, which I caught later.. Maybe I shouldn't have reminded him of our casual "hook up" relationship.. who knows.. but now I'm worried & maybe said to much, offended him, or he thinks I'm interested in him & honestly I was just reminiscing in the moment and wanted to say hi, nothing more or nothing less. I would never pursue anything with him as I'm happily married and adore my husband. I know it has only been 3 days, but should I send him another e-mail not to take me too seriously that it was all in fun or not say anything. I feel lame now.


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  • ohh honey dont punish yourself so hard , it was spontaneous and you just wanted to say hi and be friendly , dont be hard on yourself , he is still maybe busy and will reply later , i dont find what you said any pushing or that you have said much , in the end we are humans and sometimes we act upon our hearts , EVEN if he though that you are still interested and whatever , then fine let him think whatever he wants , and dont punish yourself about it because at the end i found it very cute and nice , AND guys are mostly selfish and mean , so dont bother yourself please , and to let you know , no body on this earth hasn't contacted someone because he/she had a moment like this , and then regreted it :D. dont worry let it go :)


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