How do I break up with someone who I've been with a while?

I've been dating this guy for 2 1/2 years, so its been a while. I feel like our relationship isn't going anywhere and I seem to get annoyed by everything he does. he's very outgoing and im very shy. he's a "silly and funny" guy and makes scenes a lot so I find myself embarassed to be around him sometimes. he's never really done anything wrong im just no longer interested. One thing he does is he gives this weird reaction when I include any guy in any convo. He never says this but the reaction kinda says "why were you talking to him, he's a guy?"which bothers me almost to the extent of ending it there. He really cares about me but I think im just better off not in a relationship with him. I feel so wrong, but I just dont want a relationship period.


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