People's opinions of me changed when my boyfriend and I broke up?

We broke up almost five months ago. It was an absolutely horrible break up because everyone on my college course got involved and made it worse. He made up lie after lie about me, and people believed him without proof. He told people I was crazy, that my family were, and called me every name under the sun. Shortly after I started ignoring this, he offered me my clothes back and a present he'd bought me for my birthday etc, but wouldn't give them to me for almost 8 months. After the break up, he'd blocked me on social networking sites, which I was okay with. He then got a "girlfriend" (he used her as a rebound previously), unblocked me so I could see, but I didn't give a reaction.

Things like this are still continuing to this date. I now have a new boyfriend who I am very happy with. We all got invited to a party and he was asked how he felt about my boyfriend and I being there. His reply was "I'm happy for them to be there, but I don't want any trouble from him." To me, that sounds as if he's insinuating my boyfriend will cause trouble. It's also a bit strange that he thinks his opinion is still valid.

A lot of people that I thought were my friends now don't like me because of everything. For some reason he gets invited everywhere and I'm the one that wants to cause trouble. I'm really getting sick of it. I moved on AGES ago. I'm s tarting to wonder if he has or not. I would really appreciate people's opinions. It's near the end of College, so I won't have to see these people soon. Any advice as to how I can cope for the last 3 months?


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  • Sort out who your real friends are.

    • i agree, if they're your true friends they should listen to your side of the story and realise his at fault

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  • One of my ex is a really sweet guy, and tried to give me the sun, but he was also really immature, and couldn't understand that you do not do certain things in public. People were judging me because I was dating him, which meant that I MUST be OK with his rude and childish behaviors. I eventually had to break up with him because he was just not ready to grow up. People judge you based on who you associate with. If your ex had everyone fooled about who he really is, then they would assume that you must be some horrid bitch if you broke up with him. Best not to let it get to you, because you don't want people like that as "friends" anyway.


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