What do I do about what ex-gf said to me?

I just got engaged with fiancé of 7 months. We moved in with each other 3 months into our relationship. We will be getting married in a couple of months. In his last relationship of almost 4 years he says his ex broke up with him. He says that after that he said that it ended because she was more of a chill person while he was more of an outgoing person. We have in common that we both like to party and go out. Anyways my bf had told me that he had remained friends with her brother in law and sister. I went to their house about 3 times. The first time I met his ex I said hi and she said hi to without any attitude. We had a quick talk and I went outside where some of the party was at with my bf. She didn't really talk to my bf and when he would say bye she just ignored him. The second time I went to their house she was their visiting and she sat their talking with us. Yesterday it was the ex's niece birthday and they invited us. She was there and we started talking. She ended up seeing the ring and said that's nice. I told her yes and she asked me are you sure. I asked her why should I be concerned and she told me that I should becareful with him. She started saying about how I didn't know what happened and I asked her what happened. She ended up asking me that if I wanted to she would tell me. So she ended up telling me if I wanted her number and I told her my number. She text me yesterday that she broke up with him because he had cheated on her several times. That her family talked to him because that was her brother in law's friend. At the party I asked my bf what was she going to tell me about him and he said what is she going to tell you. I had asked her sister and she told me she didn't know what happened between them. Her brother in law told me that his friend was a good guy and that things just end. What should I do now should I stay or should I wait until he cheats on me and than go?


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  • I'm not under 18, just a little disclaimer. My boyfriends ex girlfriend did the same thing. She found out we were going to prom together and went off about how he was going to try all of this stuff on me and all of that. The second I got in my car, I burst into tears and if it weren't for my sister I wouldn't have gone on the date. Then, we went in the same prom group and when he left the after party for a minute, she went off about how bad she felt for me and how awful he was. After this, I was actually concerned about dating him. She said he was pushy and he cheated on her and everything. I asked him about it and he said he had no idea why she turned into a b*tch after they broke up, which worried me even more.

    Honestly, he's an amazing boyfriend and we're still together three and a half years later. He was nothing like she said he was. Moral of the story? Don't listen to psycho exes. I know that was high school drama, but how she is acting sounds a lot like it. Marriage is a big deal and it's all about trust. If you choose to trust that girl over your fiance, maybe you should reconsider.


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  • So you're questioning your relationship on what his EX Girlfriend told you? That's a bad judgment on your part.

    Her own sister said she didn't know anything. Why would she lie about it when her sister is involved? Talk to more people. Try her mom and dad, see what they think. You'll have to become a little background investigator if you want to know the truth.

    Or you can base your decision on what you personally know about him. How he treats you, has he done anything shady around you, etc. It just sounds like bullshit to me. Why would he still be invited to the house if all those stories were really true? Unless that whole family is ghetto and full of drama...

    • She said that my bf is friends with the brother in law and that's why the family talks to him like that.

    • Bullshit. If your ex boyfriend cheating on you multiple times and treated you like shit do you think your dad and mom would be cool with him coming over just because he's friends with your sister's husband?

      It sounds like too much.

  • Question is: would she accept him around the house, if he cheated on her ruining a 4 year relationship? I wouldn't even want to know such a person exists NO MATTER What that person's relationship with other family members is. If i knew she was there i wouldn't go OR tell my family i don't want her there.

    She just sounds bitter and trying to be a bitch. You should try and gather more info about this before leaving.

    • i see the other guy already said most of the things i just did...

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    • Thing is you are already considering him a cheat even if it's not true and expect to be cheated ("should I stay or should I wait until he cheats on me and than go"). She did the damage that's for sure. From now on you will be paranoid about what your bf does.
      When at the house with her family, just tell your bf what her ex said. Said it out loud so everyone is there and hears it... see what happens.

    • They all found out we were talking because at the party we were inside.

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  • Even if he did cheat on her, I'd say people can change and mature and let it go. Also I'm not sure I would trust his ex, she seems really petty and mean to get involved in his new relationship like that.


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