Fear of being alone. Fear of being cheated on. Insecurities. I'm married to a wonderful man but lately I've been having dreams I'm going to end?

... up alone or be cheated one? How to overcome these emotions?


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  • I recommend you find a close friend to talk to, or a therapist to deal with your insecurity issues. I do not believe that every dream we have or one that might seem prophetic, actually IS. I believe your dreams sometimes your subconscious mind mirroring back your inner most desires, fears etc. I think it is imperative that you clear your energy of the insecurities because, we all have bountiful amounts of power that we have yet to tap into. Meaning, have you ever heard, "whatso ever a man thinketh, HE IS." It basically means. if you think you're a winner, you WILL be a winner. If you tell your self you are sick, you WILL become sick. Your mind is one of the most powerful muscles and energy. That energy and your emotions help create your reality. You thinking negatively, will only create more negativity. i guarantee it. That's what you need to nip it in the bud RIGHT NOW.

    If your husband has given you no reason to believe or think something is happening, you are creating it. Deal with your fears. Figure out where that insecurity is coming from and then deal with it. before it snowballs. Good luck.


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  • Dreams don't mean anything. I wonder how many people break up due to listening to their dreams instead of listening to real life.


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