Did my ex GF try to approach me after 3 months of no contact?

So it's been 3 months since the break up. It's also been 3 months of catching her looking at me and looking away quickly after we've made eye contact.

Yesterday, things changed a bit. I was having a smoke before going to my next University lecture talking to a friend of mine. All of a sudden, in the corner of my eye, I see my ex move towards me looking at me. I was too slow to respond, she she didn't say anything and quickly looked away and walked off.

I checked if it was really was her. It had to be, you couldn't miss the legs or the hair.

What is she up to?


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  • From the little information you have given I have no idea, but I do know that you still want her. If so talk to her, if she was looking at you without scowling I'm sure she wouldn't mind getting back together.


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  • She wants you. Duh. If you want her I suggest you go get her!

    • It's a little more difficult than that.

      Me and my ex friend (her best friend now) lied to her telling her that I hit him after he asked me to leave his room. Which is bs. He attacked me for no reason with a deodorant spray and a lighter. I did hit him but it was purely in self defence and to push him away - I could've been blinded.

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  • She might have been trying to catch your eye, or see if you were going to look miserable or sad.

    • But whenever I bump into her on nights out I always make myself look happy. And she'll constantly look at me.

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