Seven years, Living together, On a break?

So I met my Girlfriend back when we were 18 and this was the first real relationship both of us ever had. She went off to college a few hours away and we only saw each other every once in awhile on the weekends. I made the move and we started living together after 3 out of the 4 years of our relationship was just seing each other sometimes, It went well, We moved back to our home town when she found a new job there, we had to move in with her family because we did not have the finances to live on our own as the prices here are more. After the move everything went down hill she cheated on me for almost 6 Months but i forgave her. Now she is saying she needs a break to become more independent and grow up but she still wants me to live with her and such. She says she loves me and doesn't want to lose me but she needs to grow to be more independent and that includes having relations with other men. she said that because she dated me so young she missed out on all the years of making mistakes and having fun. I have no idea what happened it all happened so fast within 6 months we went from a happy normal couple to me losing everything.
Adding to this she still wants yo live together and she can see growing old with me


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  • You're familiar and safe, so it's not surprising that she's trying to keep you around, but if you have any self-respect you need to end this. I know it sucks and it's hard and I feel really bad for you, but this relationship clearly isn't going to last, and you don't deserve to be treated like this. InquisitiveMale's answer is right on.

  • There is no going back. You've lost her.

    That's the double edge of love. Just because you feel strongly about someone does not mean it will work out. Love is only a single facet in a successful relationship. Beyond that it takes an understanding of oneself, proper timing, and the emotional maturity required to recognize and support forever changing emotions.

    Sorry man. It sucks to love and loose.


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