How can I convince my boyfriend to trust me?

He's constantly going through my phone and checking my Facebook to make sure I'm not cheating on him. I've never cheated on anyone before, nor do I have a lot of male friends or coworkers. He always has to know exactly what I'm doing and who I'm doing it with. He says he thinks I'm beautiful, but that shouldn't be enough to condemn me, should it? I don't know why he's so convinced that I'm cheating on him.


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  • That's toxic behavior honestly, and it's not easy for a person to get rid of a mindset like that. From my experience, change has to come from within themselves. There's literally nothing you can do about it. You could cut ties with every guy you every talked to or made eye contact with, and he'd still be suspicious of your behavior. What he needs to do is realize that he can't control you, and that he just has to trust you. Otherwise your relationship won't work. Trust is essential in a relationship, and without it, it's doomed to fail. You should probably try to talk to him about it and ask him why he's so suspicious, and if you really have given him a reason to act as if you're a cheater/potential cheater. He needs to realize that if he keeps behaving like that, you will most likely grow tired of it and leave him. His worst nightmare at the moment is probably you cheating on him and leaving him. How ironic wouldn't it be if he ended up driving you away himself? So you really need to talk to him about it.
    Also, just as a heads up. A lot of the time when someone accuses their partner for cheating (even though the partner is 100% innocent), it's because they themselves are cheating. They know what signs to look for and they become paranoid that their partner might be doing the same thing they're doing. Just for food for thought.
    But definitely talk to him. Make him realize that what he's doing is wrong, and that he can't keep accusing you like this.

    • just some food for thought*
      wow I should start proofreading my answers more often

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  • He is dangerous. His fear can possibly hurt or kill you.

    He has a mental problem in that he has no self confidence. Men who accuse others of cheating themselves cheat or have the mind of a cheater.

    With him you cannot be nice, because what he will see is flirting. You cannot be happy, there will always be a reason that does not include him.

    He is afraid and people like that can destroy you with just a thought be it right or wrong.

    Good luck.


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  • well... im the girl that feels the need to let people know what im doing all the time. even if its disturbing and even if its something i shouldn't do.
    bf is the type of guy that keeps things to himself even if you ask him about it. he keeps it things short or changes subject.

    he trusts me completely along with other people. i on the other hand, have trouble trusting and believing his word bc he always seems like he's not telling me something. which upsets me and leads me to snoop around. which causes him to push me further and you know.. its a cycle. i really dont consider this being clingy, i just simply want you to talk to me instead of ignoring. we're dating, you should feel comfortable talking to me. so yea try telling him about your day and stuff, w. o him asking about it. just do it bc you want to.


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