I like my ex’s friends.. will he be angry?

My ex has started seeing someone else so I don't feel that bad about liking his friend but I feel like things are going to be a bit awkward. Our relationship was more casual than serious so we've remained friends.

When I asked my ex if he would feel bothered by his friend and I dating he simply said "meh, its whatever" and left it at that. Why did he brush me off? Would you be mad if you were in this situation?


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  • He wants to sound tough, but no man wants to see an ex with his friends, and it could possibly cause irreparable harm to the friendship in question.


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  • The real question is, why are seeking more of a reaction from him? Maybe subconsciously you are hoping to get a rise out of him. And yes, if I was on this situation... i would be upset.

    • I don't want to get a rise out of him, I'm hoping that we won't get upset or be hurt. But he was so vague that I wasn't sure how he felt.

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