Is he trying to justify his excuse or protect his marriage?

A colleague (R) and I have been texting for awhile, even though he is married. I am just confused as to what he really wants (as I do about myself too, but that's another story).

About a month ago while texting, I laughed at one of phone's autocorrects and he texted that "it would be easier to impress you while conversing in person, especially after a couple of beverages". I didn't reply back immediately because I was unsure of my feelings.

About a week later, I called him letting him know that I would be back in town that weekend (I'm out of town doing an internship) and if he would like to meet up for lunch or coffee. He texted me back that he was leaving for Chicago that wkend (it's true) if we could meet up at a later date.

I replied that sure but that I wouldn't be back for 2-3 months time (flights from the NE to the South aren't cheap). He didn't text back.

While checking FB that weekend, I noticed that his friend from Chicago (T) (who also happens to be my friend) was posting pics from their (T and R) trip. But then I noticed that R's FB page was suddenly public and that I could see his timeline posts which until then had been private.

My question is: did he really want to meet up and it was just a bad timing thing? or is he trying to justify his trip but making his FB profile public so I can see his posts and justify that he really is out of town? Or maybe protecting his marriage? (Out of all the pics posted, one of them does show him with his wife)

Any thoughts?


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  • It makes me think, what would he say if you texted him all this. Just be direct...

    You're married, you should be with your wife...
    ... Hey yeah, we can have lunch, just the 3 of us...

    -and the 3rd is his wife, lol!!!

    • Well considering his current marriage was the result of an affair where he got kicked out of the house and then she got pregnant, and before that had another affair, I don't think he would freak out that much.
      Besides, it's just lunch or coffee... didn't invite him home or to a hotel room.

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    • I'm not to familiar with FB- Facebook . As for not texting back,

      "... I replied that sure but that I wouldn't be back for 2-3 months time (flights from the NE to the South aren't cheap). He didn't text back..."

      there's always a million reason/excuses for not doing it. Perhaps after you gave him the response, he got all the info out of you and thought he didn't need to text back. Heck perhaps he got aggravated that you 2 still couldnt meet and didn't want to text you.

      Whos to say

    • Thanks!! Sometimes things happen for a reason. and sometimes they don't too.

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  • Your life sounds really awesome.

  • Why are you trying to be a homewrecker.
    Imagine this:
    You are married, and completely love him with everything you have. How would you feel if you found out that another woman was fooling around or flirting with him, while she knew that he was married?


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