She is dating my best friend - Do I have the right to be upset?

My best friend for years now is now dating my recent ex. I broke up with her two months ago. He did not tell me he was anywhere interested in her. They hugged occasionally and talked but that was it. Whenever I see them together I get so upset. He just told me "If you can't own up to owning a beautiful girl then a man like me should take your place." I feel so outraged at both of them like they betrayed me. She told me she would wait a couple months to see if I would want her back. So I guess that was a lie.


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  • "If you can't own up to owning a beautiful girl then a man like me should take your place."

    -Damn that's cold. Arctic cold. I would never say that to a friend in a trillion years if I were in his shoes. What a jerk.

    • I mean him dating her is one thing, but saying that to you is another. Heck if things were different and you hadn't seen her in a year to find out a year later she's married with a baby already because yo broke up with her a year ago hypothetically.

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    • So... how are things going now?

    • I still love her... but I decided to move on. I don't love this girl as much as I love her. I am not sure if I even love her. But its best I do. If we were meant to be then I guess at some point it will happen.

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  • Yeah I'd be PISSED if my friend said that.. mainly because it's purely out of arrogance that his comment was said.. I'd say "Alright lets see if you love her a couple years from now when times get hard." lol jk thats mean ^___^ but I'd be sure as hell be thinking that lol

    umm.. honestly... there's nothign wrong with your friend dating your ex but honestly it does kinda go against the "code" I guess... Honestly if they are both happy good for them but.. who knows

    there's a high chance they will break up but if in the end they are both truly happy just let them be

    I don't know there's not much I can say

    I hope you find a new chick :D and stop worryinga bout your ex :D

  • I personally believe its wrong and he's a horrible friend for doing that to you

    • I felt he could of talked to me first.

    • Even if he had and you'd given him "permission" I still feel it is a betrayal of friendship

    • A sense that I told him I still loved her.

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  • "If you can't own up to owning a beautiful girl then a man like me should take your place." Sounds like a challenge to me. I say play with her leftover feelings for you fuck her senseless video it with your cell, takes pictures, write ''Sorry ______ I got used as a Cum-Dumpster by QA'', & ''You sure are a real ''man'' _______ to have such a faithful & BEAUTIFUL GIRL by your side'' on her ASS & send the pics to your ''friend'' so that he can see how much of a real ''man'' he really is... (:

  • Obviously I'd get pissed..
    Your friend doesn't have any rights to tell you, that you can't own a woman.
    I'd just cut off all of my contacts with them and aim for a better girl compared to her.


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